Hollin Falls Update 2019/2020 Season

Hey Paddlers,

It’s come to our attention that the undercut behind the 2nd falls on the Hollin River has opened up and gotten bad. This is on the shorter of the 2 falls and the one right below the bridge. A kayaker got shoved behind the falls earlier this season and spent some time in the undercut. Thankfully he isokay, but it looks like the safest and smartest thing to do is to put in below the falls if you are running the Hollin. There is a nice trail on river right that leads to the river downstream of the falls.

Get Your Copy of the Kayaker’s Guide to Ecuador Today!

front cover jpegback cover

The 3rd edition of the Kayaker’s Guide to Ecuador has been out for over four months now and we are hearing great feedback about this version.  With 21 new runs written up and 2 entirely new sections, you won’t be lacking in rivers to tick off on your next Ecuador paddling trip.

We now have a number of purchasing options for you!

If you are already in Ecuador, you can pick one up from Casa De Rodrigo in Baeza.

If you are from Europe, check out AS Watersports to buy your copy.

If you are ordering from North America prior to your trip, you can purchase on Amazon, SWA, Endless River Adventures, or Endless Adventures International (for Canada).

Happy paddling everyone.

3rd Edition of the Kayaker’s Guide to Ecuador Coming Soon!

Hold onto your hats everyone because we are about the release the 3rd edition of the Kayaker’s Guide to Ecuador!

It should be available July 1st, 2014 for purchase, and it’s better than ever.

page 86 (new) chingual

Don in one of the serene box canyons of the Rio Cofanes

Our last edition came out in 2006, and over the past 8 years we (and many other kayakers visiting Ecuador) have done a lot of exploring.  We’ve added 21 new runs to this edition of the guidebook.  There are 2 new sections–The Pastaza River Valley Section and the Aguarico Valley Section.  Both hold incredible boating and we are excited to include them in this guidebook.

We’ve also added 6 new runs to the Quijos Valley Section and Napo Valley Section as well as a handful of options in the Extra Credit sections.

page 31 cheesehouse

Darcy enjoying a high water Cheesehouse run.

We are also excited to release this new blog where we hope to be constantly updating information to existing runs and adding new runs as well.  If you have something to add, we’d love to hear from you!